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LEGO LANE guidelines


  • Use light bluish grey plates.
  • Always 10 studs deep.
  • Up to 12 studs wide.
  • Use dark bluish grey tiles for sidecurbes.
  • The 1x4 technic bricks with holes (any colour) have a fixed position on the sides of the base.


  • The bottom of the building is 5 to 7 studs deep. If you make multiple entries please vary the depth of your buildings for a better look.
  • Up to 12 studs wide.
  • Open backside (dollhouse effect).
  • Mostly 2 stories high.

[Image comming soon]

Keep it modular:

  • As mentioned before: the 1x4 technic bricks with holes (piece 3701) have a fixed position on the sides. These will be used to connect all buildings together.
  • Keep the sides of your building flat. A roof that sticks out on the sides will most likely prevent it from connecting with other buildings.
  • Don't use windows or doors on the sides of the building. They will most likely become useless when another buildings are connected.

Any theme:

  • Chose any theme you want! Obvious choices are homes, shops, offices, churches, etc. But entries like Space and Castle are also very welcome.

Uploading your photos:

  • Pictures of physical and digital creations are allowed.
  • A max of 5 pictures per building. That is more then enough to cover all angles plus some detail shots.
  • If your build containes ellements from a real set or someone elses' MOC please credit them properly.
  • I would appreciate a link to the LEGO LANE Flickr Group in your photo's description.



Good luck!